Congratulations to our adopters listed below. If you have adopted a PolyForm license for your software, and want to appear here, please contact us.

Yugabyte, a high-performance distributed SQL database, adopted PolyForm Free Trial for its managed service elements.

AppsCode creates tools to deploy, manage, upgrade Kubernetes on any cloud and automate deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, adopted PolyForm NonCommercial and Free Trial for various elements of its offering.

EPPlus Software logo

EPPlus Software, an improved version of the world´s most popular spreadsheet library for .NET Framework/Core, adopted version 5 of its library under PolyForm NonCommercial.

Kanevia, an open fork of original Kaneva game engine, was released under PolyForm NonCommercial.

Mu Logo

Micro uses PolyForm Shield for its cloud-native development platform.

The Mun programming language uses PolyForm Noncommercial for its vscode-extension library.

To add your project to this page, e-mail with the name of your project, a short description, a link to its repository or website, and logo.