PolyForm Project publishes a suite of standardized licenses:

PolyForm Noncommercial is a general noncommercial license for software.

PolyForm Perimeter permits uses other than those that compete with the software.

PolyForm Shield permits uses other than those that compete with the provider of the software.

PolyForm Strict removes permission to distribute copies and make changes, leaving only permission to use for noncommercial purposes.

PolyForm Internal Use permits use for internal business purposes.

PolyForm Small Business permits use by small businesses and other small organizations.

PolyForm Free Trial permits a free, time-limited trial.

Quick Reference

PolyForm-StrictYes  Non-Commercial
PolyForm-Free-TrialYesYes Trial
PolyForm-Internal-UseYesYes Internal
PolyForm-PerimeterYesYesYesNo Competition with Software
PolyForm-ShieldYesYesYesNo Competition with Provider