What is PolyForm?

What is PolyForm?  
PolyForm is a project to draft and make freely available plain-language source code licenses with limited rights. 

Source code licenses with limited rights? What does that mean?
Many software developers want to make software available under source code licenses that grant some, but not all rights. Some licenses that have been released before include the Commons Clause, Elastic and Confluent licenses, and others. These licenses grant broad rights, including source code access, but reserve some rights to the licensor.

A simple menu of choices
PolyForm licenses come in a few useful “flavors” that adopters can pick to suit their needs.

Why draft new licenses?
Until now, there has been no standardization of this kind of source code license, even though it has become increasingly common. This has resulted in confusing and overlapping licenses, which need to be analyzed one at a time. Lack of standardization has used up the time and resources of many in the software industry, as well as their lawyers. The objective of the PolyForm Project is standardization and reduction of costs for developers and users.

What are the benefits of the PolyForm licenses?

PolyForm is not…

Who should adopt PolyForm licenses?

But what is a Polyform?

A polyform is a kind of plane figure in recreational mathematics. It is constructed by joining together identical basic polygons. Math is fun.